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The Wolfgruber Digital Resource Library is a valuable resource for scholars, mental health and victim support service providers, and subject matter experts, which include corporate, government, law enforcement, organizations, nonprofits, individuals and other partners.

This vast and growing collection can be challenging to navigate even for some of the most experienced researchers, as it is organized according to digital library standards and practices. We have provided FAQs and video tutorials created to help navigate and search our collection of resources.

Digital Library FAQs
Video Tutorial
Step-by-Step Instructions
  • To begin your search, enter a keyword Example: memorial.
  • Add a second keyword to find items with either of the words. Example: living memorial.
  • Use the word AND between keywords to find items with both words. Example: living AND memorial.
  • Quotation marks will help you search for an exact phrase. For example, search for “Living Memorial” in quotation marks to find all items about the VOICES 9/11 Living Memorial project, instead of any instances of the words living or memorial.
  • Add an asterisk to find multiple variations of a word. For example: memorial* with an asterisk will show all items with the words memorial, memorials, memorialized, etc.
  • To further narrow down your search, enter an object type or date in the fields below. Example: newsletter
  • Remember to try nicknames, common misspellings, or other variations on your search terms.
  • We recommend trying several searches using these techniques to get the best results in any database search.