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We are pleased to share Dr. Ken Druck’s broadcast of “The Path Forward After 20 Years: The Six Honorings for Love and Loss,” a powerful workshop broadcast earlier this year in which Dr. Druck shares his time-tested guidelines for going on after the loss of a loved one called “The Six Honorings.” In addition to discussing effective ways to manage our emotions, Dr. Druck helps participants create Self-Care Master Plans for difficult times. Click here access a handout from this workshop.



About Dr. Ken Druck

Ken led some of the first Town Hall Meetings, started dozens of support groups, spoke at many of VOICES Remembrance Symposiums and has been a resource to countless thousands of families after tragedies including 9/11, Sandy Hook, Columbine, and Las Vegas.

Recipient of the prestigious Distinguished Contribution to Psychology award for his pioneering work in healing after loss, Dr. Ken has helped shape our world view of what it means to live honorably, courageously and with integrity after a loss. His Families Helping Families bereavement program, created in the years after the death of his daughter Jenna, has served as a model for countless families, programs, organizations and communities over the past 25 years. Dr. Ken has presented “Grief Literacy” programs at The Harvard School of Public Health, the UN, and countless Universities and Conferences worldwide.