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One of the heroes of September 11th has passed away. Andy Stromfeld served for many years as the Chief of the Fishers Fire District in Victor. Before that, he lived in New York City. Stromfeld was a New York City Police Officer, and on 9/11, he was helping rescue people from Tower Two when it collapsed. More.

Another victim of 9/11 has died almost two decades after the attack. Rockland County resident and retired FDNY Capt. Frank Portelle died over the weekend from a 9/11-related cancer. The FealGood Foundation tracks deaths connected to the attack and says we've lost three dozen heroes just this year to illnesses linked to ground zero. The foundation also spreads awareness about the health effects caused by 9/11. More.

While more and more people are getting doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, some are raising awareness about the plight of those in the 9/11 community. Michael Barasch, managing attorney at Barasch & McGarry, said he represents more than 20,000 survivors and first responders across the country. Many of them developed health conditions like respiratory issues or cancer, in the years since. More.

The Paterson Police Department is mourning a 37-year officer who died Sunday morning. Capt. John Phelan, 58, died at St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Paterson, according to a statement from the police department provided by Director Jerry Speziale. More.

Mobile Fire-Rescue Recruit Class 20-02 embarked on one of MFRD’s newest traditions — firefighter recruits gather with their classmates at the end of Fire School to make the climb to the roof of the RSA Tower in downtown Mobile. More.