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  • Upcoming PTSD Workshops
    VOICES is hosting a 3-part workshop series with Dr. Lisa-Ann Cuccurullo and Dr. Rebecca Matteo starting June 14th and a virtual safe space starting June 8th to discuss your feelings with your peers in our Community Conversations.
  • VOICES June Highlights
    June is National PTSD Awareness Month – a time to build awareness about the symptoms and treatment of PTSD and to reduce the stigma of this condition. PTSD is brought on by experiencing or witnessing a terrifying event.
  • May 30 Commemoration and Events
    May 30 marks the 20th Anniversary of the end of the 9 month rescue and recovery effort at Ground Zero. Thousands attended the solemn ceremony where all stood at attention as the last beam, was ceremoniously carried up the ramp.
  • In Response to Uvalde and Buffalo
    Our hearts are broken by the recent murders of 19 young children and 2 teachers at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, and the 10 innocent individuals who lost their lives in the shooting in Buffalo, New York.
  • Commemorate 9/11 Responders & Survivors on May 24
    Join us for an insightful panel presentation featuring three distinguished individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to commemorating the lives and the stories of September 11, 2001.