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April 27, 2007
All of us at VOICES want to extend our heartfelt thanks to Margie Miller for hosting last week's 9/11 Living Memorial workshop at 9/11 Forward. We enjoyed meeting with the families and rescue workers at their new family center in Baldwin, Long Island.

April 20, 2007
This week, as we paused to remember those who perished and were injured in the Oklahoma City bombing and Columbine attacks, we watched in horror as innocent lives were violently and randomly taken at Virginia Tech.

April 12, 2007
I want to thank 9/11 family members DeeDee and Alex Luckett and the staff at the Larchmont Yacht Club for hosting last nights event. The serene setting was a peaceful backdrop for the 9/11 Living Memorial workshop. It was wonderful to see so many in attendance, including some families who we had the pleasure of meeting for the first time.

April 6, 2007
This past Saturday, VOICES held a 9/11 Living Memorial workshop in Ridgewood, New Jersey. It was wonderful to see so many family members in attendance who were interested in participating in the 9/11 Living Memorial project.

March 30, 2007
This week I testified at a hearing in Washington, D.C. before the House Subcommittee on Telecommunications and the Internet about the upcoming digital television transition. As you may know, the transition scheduled to occur in early 2009 is critical in providing first responders the tools they need to communicate effectively.

March 16, 2007
This week the Senate passed S.4, legislation to implement several of the remaining 9/11 Commission recommendations. I want to thank all of you who contacted your Senators to ensure passage of this bill. In the upcoming weeks, the process will continue as conferees are appointed to reconcile the differences between the House and Senate versions of the bill.

March 9, 2007
This week the Senate debated amendments to S. 4, legislation to implement the unfulfilled 9/11 Commission recommendations. You may be aware of the "political gridlock" that has settled in as unrelated amendments were offered that could ultimately jeopardize the passage of the legislation.

March 2, 2007
I would like to thank all of you who contacted your Senators this week. Your calls and letters helped influence their decision to protect the bill S.4 from unrelated amendments. We feel strongly that this legislation to fully implement the 9/11 Commission recommendations must be considered separately from issues related to the war in Iraq.

February 23 , 2007
This Monday, February 26th, will mark the thirteenth anniversary of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. As we all pause to remember those lost or injured, my thoughts will go out in particular to the families, friends, and others who were impacted in some way by this tragic event.

February 16 , 2007
Thanks to your help, the 9/11 Living Memorial project is continuing to grow. We are very excited to announce that we will be hosting a roundtable event on March 31st in Ridgewood, New Jersey.

February 9 , 2007
Next week the Senate will begin to mark-up its version of the recently passed House bill (H.R. 1), legislating implementation of the remaining 9/11 Commission reforms. I am hopeful that as the Senate works through this process they will have the fortitude to preserve the integrity of the Commission’s recommendations.

February 2, 2007
This week VOICES held our first round table workshop for the 9/11 Living Memorial Project. It was great to gather with families I've come to know over the past five years. It was also wonderful to meet several family members for the first time and to hear their stories.

January 26, 2007
This week I was honored to attend the State of the Union Address as a guest of Speaker Pelosi. Some guests, like me, were in the audience to put a face on the issues they feel passionate about.

January 19, 2007
Yesterday we sent out a survey to our membership to gauge the experiences and current needs of individuals 5 years after 9/11. This survey is intended to evaluate the evolving needs of the broader community. In an effort to expand our outreach, I ask that you forward the survey to your family and friends.

January 12, 2007
This past Tuesday, I had the honor of testifying in Washington, D.C. before the Senate Homeland Security Governmental Affairs Committee, led by Chairman, Senator Joe Lieberman and Ranking Member, Senator Susan Collins.

January 05, 2007
On behalf of all of us at VOICES I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year. We hope your holiday was safe and enjoyable, and that you had time to enjoy the season with family and friends. The New Year is always a time to reflect on the past year and plan for the coming year.

December 22, 2006
Last Saturday’s Interfaith Remembrance service at St. Paul’s Chapel was an extraordinary event. The chapel was filled with members of the 9/11 community as we took time to remember those who perished and give thanks for those who have supported us over the past 5 years.

December 15, 2006
All of us at VOICES are looking forward to tomorrow’s Interfaith Remembrance Service at St. Paul’s Chapel as we remember and reflect during the holiday season. Last year’s event was very special and, again, acclaimed flutist, Ulla Suokko will fill the air with her beautiful music.

December 8, 2006
VOICES will host an Interfaith Remembrance Service at St. Paul’s Chapel in NYC next Saturday, December 16th. As those who attended last year’s service can attest, the service was a wonderful, heartwarming ceremony filled with music and prayer.

December 1, 2006
I am writing this letter from the University of Wisconsin, where I participated in a panel discussion focused on the importance of civic engagement. The event was sponsored by Court TV and Charter Communications and followed the screening of the documentary, "On Native Soil”.

November 22, 2006
As we approach the holidays and celebrate Thanksgiving we pause to remember all those who perished on 9/11. We also count our many blessings and embrace all of you in the 9/11 community who have touched our lives. All of us at VOICES cherish your friendship and the continued support of so many.

November 17, 2006
It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving is upon us next week! Our team at VOICES continues to work very hard on your behalf. The 9/11 Living Memorial Project is growing, as many of you have contacted our office to begin creating pages for your loved ones. This week we are highlighting the memorial pages created for Astrid Sohan, who worked at Marsh & McLennan.

November 10, 2006
Democrats stormed back into power this Tuesday with an overwhelming swing in the House of Representatives and secured a majority of one in the Senate. During the campaign, the Democrats released “A New Direction For America” which laid out their agenda should they retake power.

November 3, 2006
This week the news concerning the search for human remains at Ground Zero continues to be our focus. Like many of you, I attended the rally yesterday organized by Diane and Kurt Horning, Founders of WTC Families for Proper Burial and other family organizations, to ensure our voices are heard.