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Mother's Day Message

May 10, 2013
On this beautiful day in the northeast, we send a message to all of you who are mothers, wishing you all the love and happiness you so richly deserve this Mother's Day!

Join Us Next Tuesday for a Chan Meditation Workshop

May 1, 2013
VOICES will hold its speaker series at its New Brunswick office on Tuesday, May 7th from 2:00 - 4:00pm. In this workshop, lay Darma teacher Rebecca Li will discuss the principles and method of Chan meditation. Participants will learn how to establish their meditation practice and the correct posture, method and attitude needed to engage in the practice.

Update on the WTC Health Program

April 26, 2013
In the last few days, a study was published about the health care issues of those who survived or worked in the recovery efforts following the attacks on September 11th.

Join Us in a Moment of Silence

April 19, 2013
Today marks the 18th anniversary of the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. As families and friends gather together on this solemn occasion, we join them in remembering the 168 who perished and the 680 who were injured.

Resources in Response to the Boston Bombing

April 16, 2013
Like people from around the world, our staff watched in horror as news broke yesterday about the bombing at the Boston Marathon. Our immediate response was to contact our families and friends who may have run in the race or live in the Boston area and to reassure our children.

Learn About Reducing Stress Through Music

April 15, 2013
Come and learn to play and celebrate music in community. Discover, explore and express deep listening, gentle movement and free improvisation. Learn to tap into your capacity for healing, stress reduction and self-empowerment using your own unique sounds and rhythms in a supportive and playful atmosphere.

Learn about the World Trade Center Health Program

April 12, 2013
Meet one-on-one in our New Jersey office with VOICES staff members Debbie Westfal and Stephanie Landau and learn about how to apply to the World Trade Center Health Program. We can answer your questions about who is eligible and what documentation is needed.

VOICES Newsletter

April 3, 2013
We hope you enjoyed the holiday with your families and friends. As Tolstoy wrote in Anna Karenina, "Spring is the time of plans and projects." That is certainly true here at VOICES! There is much to share with you, including information about special events and updates on issues important to the 9/11 community.

Sending Warm Wishes

March 27, 2013
The staff at Voices of September 11th send our warm wishes to you and your families during this holiday season. In both the Christian and Jewish traditions, the celebrations that take place this week have a resounding message of hope and renewal. After a long winter, that is a message that we can all appreciate as we look forward to the signs of spring!

Reminder: Join Us Friday for a Meditation Workshop

March 6, 2013
In this workshop, we will discuss the principles and method of Chan meditation. You will learn how to establish your meditation practice and the correct posture, method and attitude needed to engage in the practice. You will also learn how to apply the practice in your daily life so that you can live a more fulfilling and joyful life.