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Bill seeks to address mass violence prevention

A group of legislators recently co-sponsored legislation that seeks to prevent mass violence acts. The bill, officials noted, is named for the mascot at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the site of a 2018 mass violence incident, and would expand the U.S. Secret Service’s National Threat Assessment Center (NTAC) to include increased concentration on preventing targeted violence that includes school violence. More.

9/11 hero Joseph Pfeifer comes out of retirement to take new job with FDNY

A 9/11 hero is coming out of retirement to take a new job at the nation's largest fire department, the FDNY announced over the weekend. Joseph Pfeifer was named first deputy commissioner, the second-highest civilian rank in the department, managing day-to-day operations. More.

Robert V. Lloyd, pastor who used his faith to overcome addiction, dies of 9/11-linked cancer

Robert V. Lloyd, whose transformation from a Long Island heroin dealer to a pastor inspired thousands, died of 9/11-related cancer on Feb. 12, his family said. He was 77. More.

Fire Commissioner Laura Kavanagh Appoints Retired FDNY Assistant Chief Joseph Pfeifer as New First Deputy Fire Commissioner

Fire Commissioner Laura Kavanagh today announced the appointment of Joseph Pfeifer as First Deputy Commissioner, the second-highest civilian rank in the FDNY. Pfeifer retired at the rank of Assistant Chief in July 2018 after 37 years in the FDNY. More.

Calls for NYC to release information on air quality after 9/11 attacks

Mariama James still wants to know what toxins she was breathing in on September 11th 2001. "We deserve to know. I mean, you know, family members, friends, neighbors, all dying. We deserve to know why. What happened?," James asks. "I was covered head to toe in white dust, and so was my home, because our windows had been open." More.

Town accepting applications for 9/11 Walls of Honor

The Town of Oyster Bay has announced that applications are now available for families to add the names of loved ones to the Town of Oyster Bay’s 9/11 Walls of Honor which recognize all those with a connection to the Town who gave their lives and succumbed in their battle against 9/11 related cancers and illness. More.

How to cope with the recent violence, tragedies happening in Mass.

Trauma researcher Dr. Isabelle Rosso spoke with us about how to address your stress and anxiety. Plus, we share a running list of support groups. More.

‘Now’s the time for the conversation.’ Mental health advocates, county leaders to discuss solutions to stop mass shootings

Nearly 40 mass shootings had taken place in 2023 when Virginia Hoft saw an article about the latest rash of gun deaths. “This is the America of 2023,” the headline read. More.