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With depositions of the first Saudi government witnesses now underway, the huge 9/11 lawsuit brought by thousands of survivors and family members in federal court in New York has opened a second major active front – against the government of Sudan. More.

Momentum is growing on Capitol Hill for an independent 9/11-style commission to investigate why law enforcement agencies were not better prepared on Jan. 6 when a pro-Trump mob stormed the U.S. Capitol, breached the building and threatened to assassinate the nation’s top leaders. More.

President Biden has asked the director of national intelligence to draw up a comprehensive threat assessment on domestic violent extremism in the country as the new administration seeks to tackle what it calls a "serious and growing national security threat." More.

Alice Hoagland, a beloved figure of the gay rugby movement that her own son, Mark Bingham, helped set in motion shortly before he perished in the 2001 terrorist attacks as one of the heroes of Flight 93, has died. She was 71. More.

Young adults who turn 19 this year were born after 9/11, the day in 2001 when planes flew into the World Trade Center and Pentagon killing around 3,000 people. These teens know it as Patriot’s Day. More.